Couple Treatments Serenitas Spa

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Couple Treatments Serenitas Spa

Enjoy the ultimate Serenitas spa experience by bringing a friend or partner and booking into our luxurious couple’s suite. A relaxing, intimate and romantic plan that will increase your sense of togetherness, relax tensions and awaken your passion.
TORRENT RITUAL · 240 € p.p.

A unique experience to enjoy as a couple. Get pampered with a full body treatment. Purify your skin with an exfoliant of your choice, submerge yourself in a relaxing herbal bath, relieve your muscles with a complete massage using your favorite oil and finish off the day strengthening your hair with a product by the prestigious firm Leonor Greyl.

Includes: exfoliation, herbal bath, full body massage and capillary treatment with a scalp massage.

Duración: 110 min. 

And if you’d like to complete this experience by adding a little romanticism, be sure to ask about the:

  • Torrent Suite Experience 
  • Terra Ritual 
  • Terra Suite 
TORRENT RITUAL - 240 € p.p. 110 min.
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A private steam bath, fruit and a bottle of cava you can enjoy on the private terrace in one of our suites.

Duration: 50 min. 

Torrent Suite Experience - 80 € p.p. 50 min.
Terra Ritual · 260 € p.p.

Radiant and youthful skin with Anne Semonin brand aromatic oils. A treatment that eliminates dead skin with a complete white sand exfoliation and aromatic oils that nourish the skin. A moisturizing wrap will soften and re-mineralize your whole body. Finally, a steam bath and body and facial massage will awaken your senses and make you feel brandnew.

Includes: body and facial exfoliation, moisturizing wrap, steam bath and body and facial massage.

Duration: 120 min. 

Terra Ritual - 260 € p.p. 120 min.
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TERRA SUITE · 85 € p.p.

Add the perfect final touch by enjoying 50 minutes in one of our private suites for two with a terrace and a healthy meal.

Duration: 50 min. 

TERRA SUITE - 85 € p.p. 50 min.
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